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How to write a CV

CV Image Being able to write a CV is one thing, but writing a good CV is another and it is critical to your application process to get this right.

What to do

  • Use bullet points or sentences that are easy to scan – not an essay
  • Use standard typefaces
  • Check and re check your spelling – do not rely on spell checker
  • Start with your current or most recent employment and work backwards
  • Explain any gaps in your employment
  • Keep your CV honest and try to keep to 3 pages
  • Follow up all claims with proven examples, be quantitative as well as qualitative
  • Include awards or recognition received for work well done, together with professional memberships and relevant training
  • Include figures i.e. number of staff managed or budget size
  • Keep it professional – no silly emails


What NOT to do

  • Date your CV
  • Mention salaries
  • Include irrelevant or negative information
  • Add photos – especially party photos
  • Lie
  • Put education first if it is 10 years out of date
  • List every employer you have worked for since the seventies
  • Allocate the same space to all positions – or copy and paste each position
  • Quote unsubstantial superlatives i.e. I am the greatest sales person
  • Modify your CV for every application