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Registering With Capital Recruitment Network

Why should you come and register with our agency?



when you become a candidate of Capital Recruitment Network we listen to the type of work you want, what location you would like to work in and all the little details that matter to you in a work environment, all this information helps us to find jobs that will suit you and your skills that you have.



Why use a recruitment agency in the search of employment?



employment agencies like ours are focused on placing you in the right job that is going to suit the requirements you have for a job role, also when you apply for job roles if you are not suitable for the role, we always give feedback on your CV and how to improve it for future applications.



What you need to register?



if you want to register with our company you need to bring a valid passport including any visa’s you may need or your birth certificate.



How to register with us?



the way to come and register with us is to email your CV to , and we will organise a day and time that suits you that you can come and register and get help and advice on job hunting.